The Dream-Quest of Unknown Bounty


Dolphins OP Nerf Dolphins

As the ship was being repaired, Markas, Gorbug, and Razor decided to explore the uncharted area. Taking many winding downhill paths, the group found themselves entering a chasm, which led to a river inside of a large cavern. The party decided to send their Celestial Porpoise down the river, but he did not return. Diving down a waterfall after him, the three adventurers found a vacuum containing piles of gold, which Gorbug tried to take. The gold melted itself into a massive 35 foot tall gold golem. The Golem nearly killed the adventurers and their porpoise, but in an incredible display, Porpoisey grappled the golem, and choked it out. The party looted the room, and returned to their ship. The adventure continues…



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