The Dream-Quest of Unknown Bounty

Dolphins OP Nerf Dolphins

As the ship was being repaired, Markas, Gorbug, and Razor decided to explore the uncharted area. Taking many winding downhill paths, the group found themselves entering a chasm, which led to a river inside of a large cavern. The party decided to send their Celestial Porpoise down the river, but he did not return. Diving down a waterfall after him, the three adventurers found a vacuum containing piles of gold, which Gorbug tried to take. The gold melted itself into a massive 35 foot tall gold golem. The Golem nearly killed the adventurers and their porpoise, but in an incredible display, Porpoisey grappled the golem, and choked it out. The party looted the room, and returned to their ship. The adventure continues…

Session 2
Really you guys?

The party started in the bar in Dovvooria and mapped out their path north. Looking for some help in taking the quickest route- by sea- the adventurers ask for someone in the bar with a knowledge of boats. A man named Brockway stands up and joins the party. Meanwhile, Clint and Sylfan are taken off by guards and held in custody for a while. The rest of the party heads to the nearest port to find a boat. On the way into the port, the party barters with an enterprising young man and buys some magic breadcrumbs. Asking Brockway for advice on which boat to take, it becomes clear that he is not as knowledgeable about the subject as he had claimed. Debating over whether to take the boat with half a sail or a full sail, the group decides that they will try to be deceptive and steal a boat. This fails miserably. The crew on the boat defends what is theirs, but is quickly beaten down. All deckhands are killed, and the captain is taken hostage. The horrified port watches on as the adventurers leave in their horribly damaged boat. They stay on an uncharted coast for the night, and repair the boat in the morning. With that, they are ready to go on their way north. The adventure continues…

Session 1

You all met dazed, confused, and down on your luck in a bar. Still drunk and hung over, you all stumbled around, passing out, falling down, having rough conversations, and getting into fights. After Clint killed the barmaid, the bartender jumped in. Throwing everyone every-which-way, he didn’t notice a fire start burning. Plague-guards rushed the building, and knocked out and arrested everyone inside. On a ship on the way to their death, Clint, Razor, Markas, Gorbug, and Sylfan introduced themselves to Evaan, the bartender. After pissing off some guards, Evaan saw an opportunity to free himself and the others! Brutally murdering and borderline raping all of the Plague-Guards on board, the ship’s control changed hands! A new course was set, and a quest began. Evaan, too old to live out his life’s goal of finding the great treasure of Oshallia, asked the party with him to live it out, giving them a specially marked map to aid them in their travels. They began heading towards the first of many treasures to be found. Along the road, they met a gambling man who offered them a challenge. Despite Razor pointing out that he was clearly trying to con them, three accepted the challenge. After taking all of their money, the con escaped, only to be found later by the adventurers, who took their money back and robbed him of his lunch as collateral! Moving into the city of Dovviana just to make a quick shopping stop, the party decided to make use of their travels and find a quest in the city. This brought them to a run-down bar, where they are now. The quest continues…

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